Best fruity perfumes 2022 of our creation

Best fruity perfumes 2022 of our creation

Best fruity perfumes 2022

Check our collection of top sweet fragrances of 2022. We create similar fragrances to exclusive scents of luxurious brands. Our online store offers beautiful ladies' products for every taste and variety of occasions. Fruity scents are a popular and very diverse category of fragrances. It perfectly integrates into each day and evening look. The best fruity women's perfume is fresh and a little sweet. Pure fruity notes are rarely stand-alone: ​​in most cases, they are complemented by delicate floral, exotic oriental, and other accords, with the help of which the composition acquires depth and grace. We provide you with top-class branded analogs of women's sweet fragrances complemented by the freshness of flowers and citruses.

Best fruity women's perfume of our analog

When choosing a scent, listen to no one but yourself. We have prepared the list of top fragrances of our creation.

Roi d'ambre. Our creation of Elie Saab's Essence No. 3 Ambre.

It is the best women's fruity perfume. Check our top-quality analog similar to the original sweet fragrance at our UAE shop.

Boundless Ocean. Our analog of Orto Parisi's Megamare.

Our company provides only the best sweet fruity perfumes. This item is a popular fresh fragrance with sweet accords.

Our vision of Luxodor Ottoman Shahzada.

One of the best fruity perfumes for ladies is our analog of this brand. This cheap perfume of our creation contains jasmine notes and a soft woody base.

Red Berry Queen. Our creation of Boadicea The Victorious Chariot.

Best fruity perfumes 2022 includes this top fragrance. This natural fragrance is light and remains on your skin for up to 6 hours.

Intimate Pear. Fragrance similar to Givenchy' L'interdit.

Check the best fruity floral perfumes of our creation. The brand dedicated this scent to Audrey Hepburn. It includes the notes of white flowers and intense woody accords


Choose the scent that fits your taste and all your demands. Order a fragrance for yourself or make an unforgettable present for your nearest and dearest.

Best fruity-floral perfumes at the lowest price

Our UAE perfumery store provides you with top-quality versions of branded fragrances. We create products with natural components and organic oils. Buy exclusive fragrances close to the original without paying extra money. We monitor all new releases to offer fragrances similar to famous brand items. You can replenish your collection with stylish aromas from our shop! Exclusive scents evoke pleasant emotions and uplift the mood. At Parfum. Ae website, you can buy trendy women's and men's best sweet fruity perfumes for every day and special occasions. Our online store regularly holds profitable promotions, during which prices become even lower. We also offer bonuses for your first order. We guarantee prompt delivery throughout the country.

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