Top 10 Popular Perfumes in the UAE

Top 10 Popular Perfumes in the UAE

The UAE is a prime destination for perfume enthusiasts worldwide, offering a rich selection of fragrances that blend traditional Arabian essences with contemporary sophistication. In this guide, we explore the top 10 popular perfumes in the UAE, highlighting the most cherished fragrances.

Oud Wood by Tom Ford

1. Oud Wood by Tom Ford

Oud Wood is an iconic fragrance in the best Dubai oud perfume category, characterized by its rich blend of exotic oud wood, cardamom, and amber. Infused with smoky incense and vanilla, this perfume creates a warm, enveloping aura that makes it highly desirable among the best perfume in Dubai options. It's perfect for those who appreciate deep, smoky scents that make a bold statement at any gathering.

2. Shaghaf Oud by Swiss Arabian

This deeply intoxicating perfume is a staple in the repertoire of best Arabic perfumes in UAE. Shaghaf Oud features a rich amalgamation of saffron, rose, and praline, layered over a hearty base of oud, making it a fragrance that embodies passion and intensity. Its lasting power and profound depth make it popular among those who prefer a potent, memorable scent, embodying the essence of the best perfume from Dubai. It's available at perfume collections for those looking to experience a classic Middle Eastern fragrance.

Rose d’Arabie by Armani Privé

3. Rose d’Arabie by Armani Privé

Rose d’Arabie is a luxurious scent that captivates with its regal blend of Damascus rose, complemented by the earthy richness of patchouli and dark woods. Celebrated as one of the top perfumes in Dubai, this perfume is admired for its elegant floral signature that resonates with the opulence and cultural heritage of the Middle East, making it a prime choice for best perfume to buy in Dubai.

Rose d’Arabie by Armani Privé

4. Portrait of a Lady by Frederic Malle

A sophisticated concoction that blends Turkish rose with spices, black currant, and sandalwood, Portrait of a Lady is heralded for its complexity and refinement, marking it as one of the best selling perfumes in UAE. Each spray releases a sophisticated aura of sensuality and elegance, making it a go-to for formal events and special nights out in the vibrant city of Dubai.

Santal Carmin by Atelier Cologne

5. Santal Carmin by Atelier Cologne

Santal Carmin presents a smooth, creamy composition of sandalwood, saffron, and vanilla, creating a subtly powerful scent that is both luxurious and accessible. It's a perfect example of best perfume in Dubai with price considerations, offering a high-quality fragrance at a more moderate cost. This perfume appeals to those who seek understated elegance and a scent that transitions seamlessly from day to evening.

6. Amber Musk by Aerin

Amber Musk is a warm, inviting perfume that combines ambrox, coconut water, rose, and musk to create a cozy, appealing fragrance. As one of the most selling perfumes in UAE, it's revered for its versatility and comforting scent profile that makes it suitable for all occasions, from casual gatherings to more formal events. Its universal appeal makes it a beloved choice among best perfume uae selections.

Black Orchid by Tom Ford

7. Black Orchid by Tom Ford

Black Orchid is an alluring and luxurious perfume known for its rich blend of black truffle, ylang-ylang, blackcurrant, and dark chocolate. This perfume is a bold choice that stands out in the best perfume of Dubai for its distinctive and memorable scent profile. It's particularly favored for evening wear and special occasions where a strong, impactful fragrance is desired.

For those interested in exploring more unique scents, you can also check out our collection of perfume oils for a variety of luxurious options.

Oud Ispahan by Christian Dior

8. Oud Ispahan by Christian Dior

Oud Ispahan is a robust and opulent fragrance that combines labdanum, patchouli, sandalwood, and rose, offering a deep and mesmerizing scent experience. Celebrated as one of the most popular oud perfume in Dubai, it captures the essence of Middle Eastern perfumery with its luxurious and compelling aroma, making it a favorite among connoisseurs of fine perfumes.

Kilian Hennessy's Straight to Heaven

9. Kilian Hennessy's Straight to Heaven

Straight to Heaven by Kilian Hennessy is an intoxicating blend of rum, nutmeg, and jasmine, offering an adventurous and spirited fragrance journey. It's praised as a best Dubai fragrance for its unique and exhilarating scent that invites wearers to a celestial olfactory experience. This perfume is perfect for those looking to make a bold, adventurous statement.

10. Reflection Man by Amouage

Reflection Man offers a sophisticated blend of neroli, pink pepper, and sandalwood, creating a clean and refreshing scent that is both modern and timeless. Known as one of the best Arabic perfumes in Dubai, it is celebrated for its elegance and versatility, making it suitable for both daily wear and special occasions. This perfume is a testament to the finesse and craftsmanship of top perfume brands in Dubai.

Trends in the UAE Perfume Market

The perfume market in the UAE is characterized by a preference for strong, long-lasting scents, with oud being a particularly cherished ingredient. The best Dubai oud perfume and best Arabic perfumes in Dubai often feature rich, woody, and musky notes that resonate with both locals and tourists alike. These preferences have shaped a unique fragrance market that is both diverse and deeply rooted in the region's aromatic heritage.


These top 10 perfumes represent the pinnacle of fragrance craftsmanship in the UAE, blending tradition with modern sophistication. For those looking to explore further or find a special gift, consider the luxurious options available in the aromatics gift set, featuring a curated selection of scents perfect for any occasion. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, these perfumes offer a glimpse into the luxurious world of Middle Eastern fragrances, making them perfect souvenirs and daily delights.

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