What is bakhoor and how to use it?

What is bakhoor and how to use it?

Bakhoor is a way to make your house smell unique

How to use bakhoor in your house

Everyone has heard about perfumes for men or women, about common smells, but there are also unusual variations of smells. One such type is considered to be bakhoor. Unlike perfumes and perfumes that many people are accustomed to, it does not need to be sprinkled on the body or clothing. It is a popular perfumery in Eastern countries and this culture is bakhoor meaning is hard to overestimate.

In its essence bakhoor is an interesting fragrance. A quality bakhoor should contain only natural components. It is not correct to use analogs of natural smells, because the perception of incense suffers. Even if you ventilate the apartment all day, the smell of organic substances used in bakhoor is still felt in the air.

It is not surprising that this product has been in demand on the market and has held its popularity for centuries. In the Arab society, families not only use the popular bakhoor but also make unique scents to order, which have no analogs.

Bakhoor can be used not as a fragrance but for smoking. For this purpose, bakhoor incense burner is used. They put bakhoor charcoal in it and use tongs to adjust the placement of coals for smoking. For the best bakhoor smoking, it is necessary to prepare thoroughly, namely to put coals in the mechanism, putting some bakhoor on smoldering coals, and starting the process of smoking. After a short period of smoking Arabic incense, the smoke begins to disperse and only the smell will be heard.

Bakhoor Cambodi Sticks

Whoever buys such a product for the first time, wonders how to burn resin incense without coal and whether it is possible. For this purpose, they use bakhoor in the form of chocolate. It is easy to ignite and it smolders for a long time.

Peach chocolate bakhoor

Another interesting ways to burn frankincense bakhoor. The difference is the pleasant sweet smell of peach and chocolate, which spreads around the house for half an hour.

Smoky chocolate bakhoor

This kind of bakhoor incense will fill your home with oud powder, lumbana, amber, and incense for a long time.

How to order Arabic bakhoor?

Representatives of our company have thought through the range and offer of bakhoor in UAE. Each user can safely order the product online and buy not only the bakhoor itself but also the middle eastern incense burner for its ignition. Such assortment is very rare on the market. It is important to understand that our incense is not a cheap perfume. Rather, they are interesting combinations of new fragrances, which are offered to users at an affordable price. Not everyone can afford to buy expensive types of bakhoor, so we create our perfumes for our customers.

To make it easier for our customers to decide on the product, they can call the hotline and order it online. Our consultants will answer their questions during the conversation. For example, customers can often ask about the availability of goods or ask for advice on how to burn incense resin.

The specialists of our company are happy to guide customers about the cost of each incense and tell them about its composition, as well as help you choose the perfect fragrance for each client. Using such an interesting way to scent your clothes and home will help you surprise your friends and family. Especially if none of them have ordered our products before, because such combinations they will feel for the first time.

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