Fire Fate

Our Creation of Lancome's Oud Bouquet

السعر بعد الخصمAED 70.50
Style: Perfume
Size: 30 ML
Color: Default Bottle 30 ML
الشحن من دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة
3 - 5 أيام تسليم الى دبي

الأسئلة الأكثر طرحا.

Q: توصيل مجاني
A: استمتع براحة التوصيل المجاني في الإمارات العربية المتحدة للطلبات التي تزيد عن 200.00 درهم إماراتي وفي دول مجلس التعاون الخليجي الأخرى للطلبات التي تزيد عن 400.00 درهم إماراتي
Q: عوائد سهلة
A: نريد منك أن تحب عملية الشراء الخاصة بك. إذا لم تكن راضيًا تمامًا عن منتجنا، فلديك خيار إعادته خلال 7 أيام من استلامه. رضاكم هو أولويتنا.
Q: وفر ما يصل إلى 90%
A: اكتشف مجموعتنا من العطور المشابهة واحصل على خصم يصل إلى 90%. انغمس في الروائح الفاخرة دون كسر البنك.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Beautiful 😍

What a fabulous creation of Oud Bouquet!
Stunning perfume with less oud, which makes it so wearable & unique. Highly recommend!!

benedict ejike
Long Lasting

I've never smelled this on anyone else so it might be different in the air, but on me it's a bit like incense scented rubbing alcohol that gradually becomes less astringent. Anyone else? I have a 1 ml decant so I was only able to dab it on in a few places.

emma W

Excellent review by Dvorask, we need more similar reviews. I agree it's not a clone of OSM, as both are actually clones of traditional arabic perfumes that contain oud, rose, and amber as the main players.

Ali Mansoor

When I say this is intoxicating I mean it. This will knock you out and have you dreaming you’re swimming in sweet rosy oud... all while your friends panic to find a new DD because you are lost in Oud Bouquet Delirium. This stuff is goooooooooood, and stronggggg and unapologetic. I don’t drink, but if this juice was actually ingestible my friends would probably need a chaser on standby

Long Lasting

Oh boy! Here we go. First of all this review is based on a bottle of the original formulation. Aside from the pretty bottle I really like this fragrance. Hear me out... I know a lot of people dislike this perfume but I am one of the few that has just the right chemistry for it. I only used 1 spray on my wrist and then gently dabbed them together. This fragrance is strong. For the first 3-4 hours it projects a few feet around me and then it slowly becomes a scent that can be smelled around arm\'s length.