A story about how to apply perfume oil

A story about how to apply perfume oil

A story about how to apply perfume oil

The article tells about what is perfume oil, what are the properties of quality popular products in 2022, how to buy and what to pay attention to

How to use perfume oil?

The advantage of oils over other aromatic natural products in terms of quality, the persistence of odors, and economy. A few drops are enough to leave a pleasant scent trail. It is important to choose the right perfume oil according to your preferences and to use it correctly.

Where to apply perfume oil?

Perfume oils consist of 70% oil base and 30% perfume concentrate. In particular, such oils do not contain alcohol and synthetic flavors. These are oil-based fragrances. They are obtained from aromatic perfumery materials (plants, fruits, and other products).

There is no alcohol in oils, the aroma is not as strong as in ordinary products. Instead, they are much more stable and hypoallergenic. In terms of the price difference in UAE, ordinary perfumes win - they are cheaper. Natural production requires greater financial costs.

Where to apply perfume oil? To use aromatic oils correctly, they must be applied directly to the skin. Oils can stain clothing, so be careful. Allow the liquid to dry completely on the skin. Try to apply the product away from clothing.

Focus on your pulse. Aromatic brand oils work best when heated. Why not use your body heat?

You can find online a large selection of oils at the link: http://parfum.ae/. The company's website presents various perfume oils, which are in different price ranges, from different manufacturers. You can find what you need here.

Fire Fate Oil (Non-Alcoholic). Suitable for people who want to use sophisticated fragrances, where each note stands out from the overall composition. You can order online at the link: https://parfum.ae/products/oud-bouquet-oil-non-alcoholic-10ml

Pure Destiny Oil (Non-Alcoholic). In an ideal ratio of price and quality, the products are individual orders of the company and are delivered directly from the manufacturer's factory. You can order online at the link: https://parfum.ae/products/ajmal-wisal-oil-non-alcoholic

Red Demoseille Oil (Non-Alcoholic). Includes a rich selection of different fragrances, including different notes, which will last for a long period thanks to excellent stability. Just a couple of drops of the fragrance applied to the skin will reveal an incredible combination of scents around you that will last for a long time. You can order online at the link: https://parfum.ae/products/guccis-guilty-oud-oil-non-alcoholic

Tiger Frost Oil (Non-Alcoholic). The charm of the aroma cannot be expressed in words, it must be felt for yourself! You can order online at the link: https://parfum.ae/products/emerald-reign-oil-non-alcoholic

Pink Rose & Peony Oil (Non-Alcoholic). The luxurious aroma will make you more self-confident, and juicy notes open the composition with rich colors of freshness. You can order online at the link: https://parfum.ae/products/dg-rose-the-one-oil-non-alcoholic

How to use fragrance oil as perfume?

Most perfumes contain a high level of alcohol, often up to 95%. The content of pure perfume oil in the alcohol mixture is relatively small: 5-20. Some oils do not contain alcohol at all. Therefore, concentrated oils are much stronger than perfumes or Eau de toilettes.

How to use perfume oil? The classic method of application is as follows.

Perfume oil can be applied with the bottle head or rod applicator. How to use fragrance oil as perfume? Apply one or more drops of perfume oil to your hand or the inside of your wrist and rub your hands gently.

Now carefully apply the cheap perfume to the fabric. In this way, you will avoid contamination of clothes and ensure an even distribution of analog oil over the entire surface.

However, always consider the sensitivity of the clothes and their color. Lightly colored or delicate fabrics such as silk should be tested on an inconspicuous area first. This safety measure is especially recommended for organic dark oils.

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