What is Oud fragrance and why is it so popular nowadays?

What is Oud fragrance and why is it so popular nowadays?

What is Oud fragrance and why is it so popular nowadays?

The article provides information about which popular perfume ingredient is derived from mold-infected wood, provided information on how to buy Oud aroma in 2022, about natural, organic product

What is Oud?

Agarwood or simply oud: 5000 years of creation.

What is oud scent? Oud is a deep woody scent that you will remember forever.

Oud is an ancient exotic fragrance that received a well-deserved birth in the world of brand fragrances.

This heritage gives each region a special analog aromatic character. What is oud perfume? Oud was born from this ancient tradition, thanks to traders who worked long and hard, always successfully transporting all exotic goods from east to west, Oud became famous all over the world. It is found in the sacred books of absolutely every religion.

What is Oud scent?

The intense aroma of Oud comes from the bark and resinous wood. The wood contains an aromatic, rich, dark resin that forms when the agarwood becomes infected with fungus and bacteria. To fight infection, a thick, dark, and very sticky aromatic resin is secreted inside the trunk - this raw material is then used to create product.

What does oud smells like? It is noteworthy that residents of Eastern and European countries hear the aroma of Oud in their perfumery way. Perfumes with beautiful Oud notes are diverse. In the classical sense, there are several shades of the general formulation of the most expensive perfume ingredients:

  • Suspiciously sweet honey sound with a slight burn;
  • A slightly smoky aftertaste, as if something herbal had become the product of smoking;
  • The smell of sour, slightly fermented berries;
  • Sharp bitterness, which sometimes explodes in the general bouquet. And not even ordinary pepper, but something hotter.

What does agarwood smell like? Therefore, it is difficult to make unambiguous conclusions about the smell. Oud perfume, the secret of expansiveness. It's not a secret. There are several logical arguments.

  • Growing a tree takes a long time. At least a hundred years. This means that shortly it will be impossible to artificially increase the turnover and supply;
  • Complex mining process. After all, not every plant reacts to a fungal infection, in the same way, some produce more resin, others less;
  • Huge expenses. As already mentioned, tens of kilograms of raw materials are needed for a mini bottle of extract.

Although the cost also depends on the seller. For example, at the aroma company, thanks to a loyal price policy, you can buy online perfumes with notes of Oud UAE wood at a completely logical and affordable price list cheap perfume. You can do this at the link: https://www.parfum.ae/.

Oud Laosi. This product contains clearly expressed viscous aromas from eastern countries. Recommended for off-season coolness. You can order online at the link: https://www.parfum.ae/oud-laosi/

White Oud Synthetic. Contains its bitterness and sharpness, which, however, not everyone can catch. The aroma is often uncompromising. You can order online at the link: https://parfum.ae/collections/musk-oil

Oud Suyufi Synthetic. Gives the quintessence of a deep and heavy taste, from which it is difficult to abstract. He does not single out a person but gives him a new image. You can order online at the link: https://parfum.ae/products/oud-suyufi-synthetic

Oud Cambodi Synthetic. A fresh, atypical, and somewhat adventurous option. Grassy shades and a bit of sharp citrus add a bit of fruity freshness. You can order online at the link: https://parfum.ae/products/oud-cambodi-synthetic

Types of Oud

This fragrance has the uniqueness of a popular product. It transforms the smell into something special. Shadows recede into the background. Its main advantage is deep integration with other melodies.

Types of Oud. If you easily feel a floral motif, several fruits, recognize oriental spices, vanilla, or chocolate, but suddenly realize that everything sounds unusual - all this is present in this product.

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