Ladan Leather

Our Creation of Bvlgari's Onekh

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Customer Reviews

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Ahmed AlSuwaidi
Bvlgari's Onekh

It is great creation like the original one.


Leathery fragrance with some sweet spices like a cinnamon stick is what im getting mainly very elegant fragrance i love it Soft dark, a begginer dark fragrance, elegant leather coming from the labdanum and a sweet spice is what better describes the fragrance… not a cloying or gourmand sweetness but just to contrast it


The quality of the ingredients are obviously superb, and for the type of scent that it is, I think it has a perfect sillage of 4 or 5 feet and lasts for a good 6-8 hours before becoming more subtle, but still easily detectable for another 4 or 5 hours. All in all a great scent and although it's getting harder and harder to find, it's one I will be keeping in my collection for a long time.


I find it tough to describe this fragrance even though Its one of my all time favorites. Its a very cooling leather scent. It has a minty feel, there is no mint in it and there definitely is no mint smell to it, but there is this very cooling effect when you smell it and i believe its from the spices (some spices do have a cooling effect. Like cardamom, coriander, ect…). The scent feels dark, mysterious, alluring, and very expensive. Perfect for winter nights. Its a unique take on a leather fragrance, Definitely worth it.


النوتات الجلدية في هذا العطر مذهلة للغاية ، مما يمنحه جوًا من الرقي والأناقة.