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Our Creation of Giorgio Armani's Emporio Armani Stronger With You Oud

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Customer Reviews

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First off, this is a great fragrance! It’s well made, classy scent, great-looking bottle and performs incredibly well. That being said, if you have any other Stronger With You (SWY) lines, as well as any other Oud fragrances (less animalic and fecal ones), this fragrance becomes redundant.


I know unicorns are real because I have one named Armani Stronger With You Oud Lovers of scented air here is the thing with this one: On paper/clothes it smells almost exactly like The One Luminous Night (weaker Initio Side Effect), minus the opening which has Oud in it On skin it smells almost exactly like Stronger With You Absolutely, minus the opening which has Oud in it Yes, the Oud is there at the start but it's gone in 30-60 minutes, can't say that about my sex life So with this one, it all depends where you spray it, skin or clothes or as a mosquito spray The disappointing thing is that in the air it just smells like any other Stronger With You fragrance, but up close is where it shines like my bold head 10/10 frag but you don't need to run after this one


0% oud As a designer fragrance yeah it's cool actually ok When we talk fragrances as a whole it's mediocre sorry it's flat nothing unique about it 6/10


This is a lovely smell. However, I believe that SWY Intensely is the best (in terms of smell). The difference with SWY Oud is that it has a lot more woodiness. It becomes spicy and woody later in the dry down and the sweetness dials down a lot in comparison to SWY Intensely/Absolutely. Also, the performance is powerful. This will push for hours. 5-6 hours from the initial spray, I am still getting whiffs of this, so performance should not be a problem. This is pretty good,


You get the oud in the opening a bit and then slowly you get the stronger with you DNA with an amazing way loved it